What is the definition of Religion? Is it necessary to be religious? If not then what is the issue? Now the question is that if any person wants to follow the roots then is it necessary to follow the way religion has shown the path?  According to the Bible quotes there is no problem. Religion is the term that one can use it according to his/her own choice. The Holy Book of Christians always helped the common man to live their life on their terms. But it has been a recommendation that one must try out the quotations that have been encrypted in the Holy Book to live life happily forever.

 The inner development is necessary to live a peaceful life

Bible, the holy book of the Christians will not let you be the religious person that other’s are. This Holy book has encrypted the quotations that what should one follow during their journey of life. The foremost thing that has been encrypted in this Holy Book is that one should develop himself/herself by his/her own. If the soul, the body and the person as a whole are not formed then actually, it becomes tough to walk down the paths of life.

It is quite a known fact that the mentality of a person will not match with the mentality of the other person. But both of them should not let their ideas or think down. To help the society in setting up a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere, the internal developments must come with the thoughts so that other people can get the knowledge and also a person able to lead a peaceful life that is necessary and a necessity for living.

The roots must be respected and also should not be forgot

Bible, the Holy Book of the Christians is not a book to follow the religion only, but if anyone gets through the verses, then he/she will get to know that this book has been made to develop the inner qualities of the human beings. The most inspiring thing that a person will come to know is that why the roots must be respected and what to gain from the roots? If the later life of individuals is looked at, then it has been found that roots are the main thing where people want to go at the end of the day and wants to sleep in the peaceful lap of Mother Nature.

A person lives for future. Through the path of the present, he/she secures his/her future. Roots are the main thing that will help the people to know of the past and also help them to understand that what they are and how they are. If any individual is the father of a child, then it will help both of them to know the roots and the originality of the roots. This is why Bible is always making awareness among the people to know their roots. Roots are the places from where we belong and have to go.