It is a general notion that only women have a lot to do for their wedding day from waxing, facials, masks and many more, but they tend to forget that it is a special day even for the groom. It is not enough to get a perfectly stitched suit and visit to get the most beautiful wedding bands. Grooms want to present themselves in style, look and masculine at their wedding day. Many men might be familiar with cleansers, moisturisers, hair products and are already spending a lot of time styling their hair, and beard and some might just be pushing their limits by taking a shower and shaving for the big day. Either way, the goal is to look fresh and to feel the best for your big day. Regardless of your moustache, long or short hair or no hair. We are here to tell you all the grooming tips to ensure that you look the best in the room.


Wash up

This might seem silly to some but try washing your face almost every day and not just with soap and water, but investing in a good cleanser and an exfoliator and you will instantly see a polish in your complexion.

Drink water

Water is good for your inner beauty and also your outer beauty. Start to drink enough water every day and you will instantly start seeing a change in your health and also your skin. It starts to get brighter, look cleaner and also have a natural blush that can river the beauty of your bride.

Seasonal Skincare

You might feel that you are prone to breakout during the rainy season and your skin gets red during summer you might have seasonal skin issues which can make you look bad on your wedding day. Plan ahead in time and start preparing yourself to combat that acne and the redness way before your wedding to help your skin look better.

Regular Skincare

We are all for men who are into regular skincare regime even before the wedding, just keep everything regular and also the products you are using for your face including moisturiser, night cream, face mask, etc. But note that whatever you do not start to try new products before your wedding it might ruin everything for you on the day of the wedding.

Pick of the products

If you are not a long time groomer, you might know what you are looking for, what your skin needs. Try reading online, talk to dermatologists and visit the store and ask to recommend something for your skin type. Get a few testers first and then see what works the best and stick to it.


Some people might grow stubble in some a matter of hours and some might need days to get the same effect. Take notes and see the growth of your beard and look for the day you like the length of your beard if you are willing to rock the stubble look for your wedding day.