Window cleaning is a tough job especially when you have a big place with lots of windows. Here is a guide to how to get the cleanest windows. We hope this guide will be helpful for you the next time you plan on getting your windows clean.

Right Cleaning

You need to have the right equipment to get the job done right. You cannot just use any tools to clean your windows like a professional. Invest in good quality window cleaning equipment, and you can use them forever, otherwise you might as well find a window cleaner in Cardiff.

Bucket – it must be wide enough to accommodate a squeegee and a mop. Make sure you get the one made of good quality plastic. Otherwise, it may break with a little force.


You may have seen squeegees on petrol pumps, but that one is not favorable for cleaning windows. You will come across a large variety of squeegees, but you cannot just get any. The handle must be long enough for a comfortable grip and a good quality rubber that can be replaced after few months.


Mop will get into the corners of the windows and get rid of the hidden dust particles. The handle must be strong and long enough to cover higher windows.


It is the best tool to get rid of tough stains like paint, insect marks or varnish. Smaller ones are used as a pocket scrapper, but the bigger ones are good for covering larger areas.



You can get specialized window cleaning liquids, but it is better to get the feasible detergents as they are foamy and work better on the Windows. Also, detergent makes the window stains more visible and can be easily wiped.


Use an old towel that you can use to rub the windows. Make sure the fibers of rag are intact so you can cover the corners and edges.


Poles are beneficial to cover larger windows. If you stand on the ground, you can approach the windows on the first floor of the house easily with the help of a pole.


Do not take risks of getting hold of a tree branch. It is better to get a strong and lightweight ladder to do all kinds of cleaning jobs. Moreover, you can do other repairs with the help of a ladder.

With all these tools you can clean your windows like a professional. Do not worry about the cost of these tools, because it is going to be a onetime investment for you.