Joining an online dating site can be a daunting experience.  It is true that it is a convenient and more efficient way to find your special someone, but there are days that it can feel so silent. Online dating sites are not just created for the younger generation; more people on their middle ages are going online to meet their prospected partner.   A dating site can have the largest number of active members, but if your profile will not catch their attention, then it would be impossible for you to find your match. To help you create an outstanding profile, Datingsidor Uno is providing some essential tips that you need to remember.


How to Create a Dating Profile that Grabs Attention


Here are some important advice that you need to keep in your mind when creating your dating profile.


Your Profile Should Spark a Conversation


When you are writing your profile, it is your responsibility to make it simple for the others to relate with you.  They should be at ease in starting a conversation with you.  Based on our experience, it is easy for the girls to respond to a user when they saw something in common or in case they want to understand a certain thing.  The secret here is to add specific information on your profile.   For instance, instead of saying that you love outdoor experience, you need to mention what specific outdoor activities you love doing.  This will showcase your hobbies and personalities and will attract the other users who share your same passion.

Your Profile Picture is Important


Some of us do not pay too much attention on our profile picture.  As long as we think that it looks good, then it is just fine.  However, having a good photo on the dating site does not instantly mean that you need to post photos that look ‘hot’.  You need to stop posting your shirtless photo while facing the mirror on your bathroom.  It is annoying, poorly executed and it doesn’t say something about you.  Upload a photo that speaks about your personality.  You may use your photo that shows your hobbies and interests such as hiking, eating on a fancy restaurant, rock climbing, diving, and others.  This is the type of person that you want to know more about.




Neglecting the simplest grammar mistake will make you look illiterate and lazy.  You do not have to be 100% perfect but at least know the difference between the usage of your and you’re.  There are also different tools that you can use to check your spelling.  However, make sure that you will still sound human (and not robotic) when using software to check your grammar and spelling mistakes.


Finally, you should remain honest.  Hiding some of your flaws in order to impress someone is just too stupid.    Your flaws will no longer be a big issue once you find that perfect dating partner.  Focus on the things that make you awesome when creating your profile.